Strawberry Style doll 3D

Strawberry Sweet Doll
Strawberry Doll is a naughty girl, she likes adventures and meet new friends.
Represents the sweetness and freshness of children and not so children that keep maintaining their inner child.
It is a sign of freshness, vitality and luck. She likes rainbows, sunny days,nature and express all her moods.
It was created with the aim of maintaining and valuing the game and develop the imagination.
Take her with you anywhere and she will give you her magic!- -Project with Ernesto Rodriguez play to create the actual doll of my character Strawberry Style.
Thank you Ernesto Rodríguez!
Contact to Ernesto:*important
Strawberry Doll is a work of  Gabriela Castro, illustrator and graphic designer.
looking for a producer or developer to undertake work to spice up this little toy,
proposing to share a license that permits introducing the doll in the world of art toy.
If you are interested in the project please contact me: / Buenos Aires – Argentina
Thank you very much for reading!